Maps4News licenses HERE Maps and its software platform

  HERE has got one more partnership to showcase. Maps4News, an easy-to-use map service for editors and journalists to create mapping content for editorial platforms like newspapers and magazines, has licensed HERE Maps and its software platform. Maps4News is already working with more than 100 publications worldwide. It has licensed HERE maps

T-Mobile Lumia 530 gets new software update

A new update has started rolling out to T-Mobile Lumia 530. This update is specific to the T-Mobile version and adds Wi-Fi calling support in Airplane mode. It is still Lumia Cyan firmware and Windows Phone 8.1 as indicated by the OS version no. below. Latest software release for Nokia Lumia

Major update for Jolla’s Sailfish OS brings Browser landscape mode, Camera zoom & much more.

A new software update for Sailfish OS is rolling out. This major update brings many new features like Browser landscape mode, Camera zoom, SMS support in Android runtime environment and much more. Check the full changelog below, Changelog: Landscape mode for Browser, gestures and notifications Pinch to zoom support in Camera viewfinder SMS support

Claimed GDR3 screenshot puts software release as “Lumia Bittersweet Shimmer”. More about Appetite!!

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] The same reader who has tipped us about "Notification center" and "Appetite" has sent us a screenshot of claimed GDR3's  "Extras + Info". The software release is mentioned as "Lumia Bittersweet Shimmer", now whatever that means :P. (Update: On searching it seems to be a color just like Amber,