BetaLabs updates: Storage check, Nokia Conference for Lumia, Swype for Symbian, Nokia Transit for Asha devices!!

Two applications have appeared for the first time and two have been updated at Nokia Betalabs very recently. Storage check and Nokia conference for Lumia WP8 devices have been introduced at Betalabs. The Storage check Beta application is advanced version of the "Storage check" application rolling out with 1308 Firmware update. One

App news: Music Mania for Asha devices. Modern Combat 4 comes to Windows Phone store.

Gameloft’s high-profile combat game, Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is now available in the Windows Phone Store. This game boasts of console quality graphics and features the HAVOK physics engine and Xbox Live integration. It  includes multiplayer features with online interactions that are not subject to Xbox LIVE parental settings. Read more about

Bytes: Most affordable Nokia 105 on sale in India now. Instagraph now in Windows Phone store!!

The most affordable Nokia Handset, Nokia 105 is now on sale in India for a price of just Rs 1249 (23 USD). With Nokia trademark colored exteriors and a colored display it is finally bye-bye to Black and White screen handsets it seems. It will find huge number of takers in

Nokia retains Mobile handset leadership in Indian market with 21.8% share for Year 2012.

According to CMR’s India Mobile Handsets Market Review for the year 2012, India registered 221.6 million mobile handset shipments for CY (January-December) 2012. Great news is that Nokia, was the overall market leader with 21.8%  share of the total mobile handset shipments!! India still being the Featurephones dominated market, only 15.2 million smartphones were

Nokia releases Public transport application “Nokia Transit for S40” at BetaLabs.

Keeping its promise of bringing full smartphone like usability and performance to Asha devices, Nokia has now released public transport application "Nokia Transit" for S40 devices at BetaLabs. Till now, it was available to only Lumia and Symbian devices. As, is clear by name itself, Nokia Transit for S40 helps you navigate cities using available