Lumia 650 in White shows up in China

Black model of Lumia 650 has been leaked earlier in images and we shared some information that we could extracted about the device too. Check our article for more about Lumia 650 probable specifications and leaked images. Now a new image of Lumia 650 has been posted in China and it

Nokia gets key clearance from China for its Alcatel-Lucent acquisition

Nokia has just secured much-needed clearance from China's Ministry of Commerce for its Alcatel-Lucent acquisition. Nokia is acquiring Alcatel-Lucent to create what it terms as an “Innovation Leader”. Nokia will pay EUR 15.6 billion through a public exchange offer in France and in the United States. Closing of the transaction

Indestructible: Nokia Lumia 920 saves a man from death in China

  One more story of Nokia phone's indestructibility!! Nokia Lumia 920 saved life of its owner in a wall collapse that killed two other people. After a 20-meter long wall collapsed in Lanzhou on Sunday afternoon, reporters learned that one of the victims sustained only minor injuries after he had instinctively held