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Lumia 925: Display technology, New Imaging algorithms and Nokia Smart camera app.

Nokia has posted three separate articles explaining the Display technology and new imaging innovations coming with the new sensation Lumia 925. We intend to bring all the salient points in one single article for you. For more details, click on the Nokia Conversation  article links. Display technology: New laminated AMOLED display …


Super sensitive Lumia 920 screen can be used with even Gloves on.PureMotion HD+ display on Lumia 920 explained.

Lumia 920 brings many innovations like PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+ display, Wireless Charging etc to the table. Yesterday We discussed in detail  about how PureView works on the Lumia 920. Today it is turn of PureMotion HD+ display. The display on Lumia 920 is truly amazing with some great features. Fastest display …