AT&T Lumia 830 snags a firmware update

Lumia 830 users on AT&T are reporting a firmware update for their devices. The update brings change in the Firmware version but there is no impact on the OS version 8.10.15148.160 (GDR2) so it seems to be only a Firmware update pushed by Microsoft. The new firmware version is 2179.0.15455.24047 which is

Windows 10 Eligible Devices List shows AT&T, Verizon & Sprint onboard

We have earlier posted an official list of devices mentioned as first  to receive Windows 10 Mobile when available. The official page for US  market reveals, The following Lumia smartphones will receive a free upgrade when available: Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL,