Updated: Not possible to tell a date for preview. The tip mostly a fake.




Apologies for getting your hopes high and our bad luck with dates continues!! It seems, there can’t be a fixed date known in advance for a preview release, as has been conveyed to us by our trusted sources (who give us exclusives). So, as we earlier said it may come within next two weeks.

We did mention below that it was not from our regular sources but a tip that landed in our inbox and being an enthusiast, it was hard to resist posting it and trust me, I just checked for  a new preview build on my four Lumias minutes back.


Well, we are not that lucky with dates, but still we reported via our sources that Windows 10 for Phones may be here within 2-4 weeks from 21st January event. Considering that we are already in 2nd week and if an anonymous tip we received today has to believed, it may come in 3 days from now.

Yes, take it with a pinch of salt, but the tipster claims to have insider info and says that the first preview build for Windows 10 for phones will be out on 4th February. We covered this tip as we too think it may actually land around that date, but can’t confirm.

Microsoft has pushed an update to the earlier leaked Phone Insider app re-branding it as Windows Insider and enabling login with Microsoft account. So, that looks like a strong hint too for sooner Windows 10 preview build arrival.

You can read all the revealed (yet) Windows 10 for Phone changes and new features at our dedicated page.

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  • Fausto

    Deepak knows nothing!
    Maybe the source is fallible(it’s a human after all) but I know Kamal takes his sources seriously, it’s a rumor? yes, but what about the tipster? has he/she being reliable in the past? my assumption is: yes. That’s why Kamal posted this…

    • Kamal

      Rumors are rumors and should be taken like that. If anyone has issues with that should ideally avoid reading it. There is lots of other content to go through on NPU.