Lumia 1030 to sport a bigger camera sensor (50 MP) than Lumia 1020, says a new tip

cbcfb816fdfaaf51baafaffc8f5494eef11f7a7cWe won’t force you into believing this, as we ourselves are skeptical. A new tip, we have received from one of our regular tipster claims that Lumia 1030, that has leaked out in images yesterday will sport a higher mega-pixel count camera sensor than Lumia 1020 and will be bigger in size too.

The tipster claims Toshiba will again manufacture the sensor for Lumia 1030, like it has done for Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 / Lumia 930 in past. Though, the Lumia 1030 camera won’t feature Xenon flash, but is expected to come with 4th gen short pulse LED Flash. It will also not feature a mechanical shutter unlike Lumia 1020.

Lumia 1030 cameraWhile we can kind of figure out the lack of Xenon flash and mechanical shutter from the cropped image above, it is difficult to believe that Microsoft Mobile will really like to bring higher mega-pixel camera than Lumia 1020. We have seen 10 MP camera of Lumia 830 performing admirably in spite of its smaller module, so we think the trend is towards going slim with better performance. But, then rumors are interesting for some reason, after all!!

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  • It is not a real min blower. The traditional Dslr is too pricy, yes they have come down and as a former film (chemicals) man, I don’t look back. I use the 1520 (no lag) and would buy this and keep the 1520 as a backup. It’s pretty hard to have too nice a lens or film plate/sensor…

  • Has your tipster ever been right in anything? Is it the one who fools us for months with lumia denim release time frames?

    • Kamal

      While I understand your unhappiness over Lumia Denim not getting out yet, thing is, the same tipster who gave us info about Lumia Cyan roll-out schedule tipped us about Lumia Denim too. Lumia Cyan info was spot on.

      Now, coming to Lumia Denim, tipster says it has been tested and ready for some region / devices as we already reported. But, it’s not that simple and roll-out depends on many factors. In many case, Microsoft can delay it for weeks, if something goes wrong and it can be anything from late discovery of a bug to roll-out issues to bigger roll-out plans.
      In fact, you won’t believe, if I say that devices and OS version, which you won’t see before end of year 2015 are already getting tested somewhere.