Lumia 720 global variant (RM-885) and Lumia 520 (RM-915) variant comes to FCC. External and Internal disassembly Pics.


Lumia 720’s global variant RM-885 and Lumia 520’s variant RM-915 which is destined for Australia, North America, South America according to bluetooth listing earlier revealed by us.


Surprisingly T-Mobile specific Lumia 520 variant Lumia 521 or RM-917 hasn’t yet come to FCC.

Have a look at some disassembly pictures of Lumia 720.



Have a look at that camera unit in the second picture. It is responsible for second most talked about camera on a Lumia phone !!

Now some Lumia 520 disassembly pictures.


Source: FCC1  FCC2

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