Seems Symbian support has become “First casualty” of MS-Nokia deal.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] It will really pinch to millions of Symbian users out there( including me). Seems, recent MS-Nokia deal has expedited the process of removal of Symbian support which was promised by Nokia to continue till 2016. In a recent letter to developer community Nokia has told them that they will

Nokia store in India touches 2 Billion downloads. Currently have more than 80 million monthly downloads.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Nokia India has announced that Nokia Store has reached 2 Billion downloads. Out of these, 1 billion downloads are on the S40 and Asha platform. The Nokia store currently has over 80 million downloads a month in India, which shows the increasing acceptance of Asha range amongst Indian customers.

Application updates rolling out to 808 PureView (Belle FP1/2) and N8 (Belle/Refresh) devices.

Nokia has certainly kept its promise of continuously supporting Symbian devices. Application updates are rolling out to both Belle 2nd generation and Belle 1st generation devices. Our 808 PureView received "Fix for messaging" and "Nokia Music updates" while N8 got updates related to "E-mail and calendar" along with "Fix for

BetaLabs updates: Storage check, Nokia Conference for Lumia, Swype for Symbian, Nokia Transit for Asha devices!!

Two applications have appeared for the first time and two have been updated at Nokia Betalabs very recently. Storage check and Nokia conference for Lumia WP8 devices have been introduced at Betalabs. The Storage check Beta application is advanced version of the "Storage check" application rolling out with 1308 Firmware update. One

Software update for Camera and Gallery hits 808 PureView. Map data update is also available.

A Gallery and Camera update is now available for 808 PureView and other Belle FP2 devices it seems. What it primarily brings is, much demanded multiple photo selection and sending option via message, mail and bluetooth. Also, now from gallery one can long press on any image thumbnail and get

New version of “Fring” compatible with all Belle devices now at Nokia Store. Brings “login without account” support .

Fring, the only free video call and chat application for Belle device had been missing for Belle FP2 devices for quite a long time from Nokia store, though one could have installed it following our tutorial. But no need now to go through such hassle as Fring has just released new version

News Bytes: Nokia releases “Webview widget” for Belle devices at BetaLab. Lumia 620 Pay & Go offer: £119.99 Today at O2.

Nokia has released a new Beta application called "Webview widget" for Nokia Belle devices at Nokia BetaLabs. The Webview widget allows you to have up-to-date web content directly on your homescreen. Download Link Amazing offer this !! Subsequent to its "Like it to Lower it" competition where most of the likes on its Facebook page went

“Tweetian” for Belle devices gets updated to version 1.7. Adds many new features.

Tweetian, the best free Twitter client for Symbian devices has been updated to new version 1.7. It adds many new features with this update. 14 languages support Multiple images display support Image preview for SkyDrive files There are many bug fixes and performance optimizations as well. For us the "SkyDrive" image preview and multiple

Software updates “Application Compatibility Fix” and “Nokia Big Screen” available for 808 PureView.

Fire up the software update application on your 808 PureView and you will be prompted for two software updates. Application Compatibility Fix brings compatibility fix for 3rd party applications, while Nokia Big screen application update brings ability to zoom the pictures while watching them on your TV screen through the application. We don't

Nokia Public Transport updated for Belle, Lumia WP7 and Lumia WP8 devices.

Nokia Transport has been updated for Symbian Belle devices, Lumia WP7 and Lumia WP8 devices. Belle and WP7 devices owners can download the applications from Nokia Betalabs. Lumia Wp8 device owners can update Nokia Transport from the Windows Phone Store to the latest version (v 3.0). For Lumia WP7 devices you can go to Nokia Beta Labs

“Tweetian” great Twitter application for Belle devices updated with some cool new features.

One of the most liked application for Belle devices "Tweetian" has been updated to version 1.6.0 and it brings many cool new features and changes along. Mute and Nearby Tweets Pinch-to-zoom for image Small and large Font size setting Many improvements to application functionality Minor UI improvements Lots of Bug fixes We updated Tweetian on or 808 PureView and it is really

Compatible version of Skype for 808 PureView now available at Nokia Store.

Good news for those, who were waiting for compatible version of Skype to be available for 808 PureView and other Belle FP1/FP2 devices. It is available now at Nokia Store and you can just fire up the Nokia Store on your devices and check for it, or else click on the below