Updated: Nokia phone prototype leaks. Nokia working on three new Smartphones.

Nokia new


Another image emerges and this has the claimed front of the device too. But as you can see in the image below the leaked device prototype belongs to a  feature phone.

Nokia leak 1


We are in Year 2016 now and what looks like the first-ever real Nokia Smartphone leak has broken cover. The image above shows a all-metal phone bearing Nokia logo and “Property of Nokia” marks on the back. The device looks big and though we can’t see the front it may be around 5.2 to 5.5-inch in size. The device looks attractive at least from the back and the coating on the back and design may offer a good hold when used one-handedly.

Some days ago, in our exclusive article we talked about Nokia working on at least two Android smartphone and two of them may have displays 5-inch and 5.5-inch in size. These devices may pack many new and innovative features especially in Touch & hover interaction, Camera and Audio.

But we received a recent tip from our trusted sources, that now claims Nokia is working on three Android smartphones and all three are out for testing. So, we may expect more leaks soon.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!


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  • bot! zloy

    “The device looks big and though we can’t see the front it may be around 5.2 to 5.5-inch in size”
    come on guys!!!what 5.2 to 5.5 inches you’re talking about?can’t you see there are 6 rows of keys on the bottom?

    • Kamal

      That image was found later and that’s why added to update.

      • bot! zloy

        sorry, fair enough

  • Stolzes Herz

    It reminded me of E50 from Nokia

  • Roberto Trujillo

    Very generic. Someday was my fav brand. Now I use microsoft, can’t use android or ios.

    • Kamal

      This prototype is old and May belong to a cancelled phone of Elop age.

  • Andres Torres

    HTC A9 are you?

  • JLIT99

    This is unusual. I thought that Microsoft had exclusive rights over feature phone production for a while?

    Maybe this is a smartphone with a T9 keyboard, like the old Nokia N73?

    • Kamal

      Old cancelled phone prototype.

    • robinzep

      If it´s a smart with T9 keyboard…. I want it .

  • This phone looks like iPhone. Nokia is dead.

    • Kamal

      And latest iPhones look like Nokia Lumia 925. So, if a Nokia looks like another Nokia, hardly a big deal 😛

      • What? iPhone looks like iPhone.

        • Emre Aktaş

          Nokia copy/paste.

        • Vasheck

          hell, look at the HTC ONE M7, iphone, samsung, nokia copy that design so don’t with that, nokia at 2013 release a lumia 925 later iphone and last all other brands. who change their small screen by biggers?

    • Checkoutdude

      its a slab of plastic and metal with a screen on front and a camera on the back… they all look the same. gone are the days cool individual units.