With Lumia 920 Global variants Firmware update available at NaviFirm, do we really need to wait till Feb 2013.


Nokia’s announcement that other variants of Lumia 920 will get the Firmware update only in Feb 2013 is shocking for many. For those who prefer  to buy it unlocked will certainly be disappointed .We still hope that this is one of the typical Nokia PR disaster, as we can see Global variant Firmware at NaviFirm, which means it must be ready with Nokia.

Also it beats common sense that AT&T branded Firmware is ready before vanilla version of Firmware needed for unlocked Lumia 920.

Anyway, if you don’t want to wait, go ahead and download it from NaviFirm and use Nokia care suite to install. But do remember a bit of risk is involved.


Yesterday we reported PR1.1 Firmware availability for only AT&T Lumia 920 and 820 at NaviFirm. But slowly it seems the Firmware is appearing for other variants as well. Now, it is available for Rogers variant and Global variants of Lumia 920 and global variants of Lumia 820 as well. Expect a near future roll out. This update will bring many new changes and fixes from both MS and Nokia and the best part is Lumia 920 camera’s daylight performance enhancement which is also coming along.


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