“Phonehouse” promises end of October availability for Lumia 920,free Fatboy charger for initial 200 customers.


This sounds pretty sweet for those, waiting impatiently for Lumia 920 to come to Europe :). End of October availability for Lumia 920 is being confirmed by one of the biggest European retailer “Phone House” (also present as “Carphone Warehouse in UK”).

They have promised end of October availability for Lumia 920 on a coming soon page, over its French website (Check the translated page screenshot above). Also in what looks like a mouth-watering deal, initial 200 customers will be sent “Fatboy wireless charger” free of cost. The timing mentioned for sending Fatboy cushion charger is late October to early November, which again reinforces the October end availability timings of Lumia 920 in Europe.

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